April 15, 2024

6 Secret Tips for Frugal Parents

Below are some ways one can go about getting out of debt, saving money for a goal or just spending less. The most important thing to remember is that each of these steps greatly cut down on costs, enable you to save, and also give you a chance to invest your money in something that will give you more money!

1. Cable

If you have television cable, consider unsubscribing. This is an unnecessary venture. Watch the regular television and make your kids used to this from a tender age. Other programming can be watched online, in various ways.

2. Telephones

If you have a telephone, limit its usage. You family should only make calls from it when necessary. They should avoid using it at their own convenience. The same applies to cell phones. It might be smartest to avoid paying for cell phones for your children until they can pay for their own bills. You could even meet them halfway, if it’s necessary.

3. Cars

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If you own a car, only use it in an emergency. This will reduce greatly on the cost of fuel and you will end up saving a considerable amount of cash. You can also most likely save on insurance, if you use it less. If it’s a harsh winter, don’t forget to routinely start your car and perhaps drive it around the block, or you’ll have to spend money on a new battery when you do need the car!

4. Hair

Consider pampering your daughters at home, rather than spending on days at the spa or washes at the salon. You can go online and buy affordable hair products and tools to trim things up. There are also many instructional videos you can stream for free.  For boys, encourage them to cut their hair from home. Provide some non-monetary incentive for a buzzcut and you’ll save tons.

5. Trips

Instead of taking a far-away trip with your family members, take them for a picnic. Make homemade snacks and carry them with you. This will prevent you from buying them any fast food or other snacks that your kids may demand.

6. Cleaning

If you are used to hiring a cleaner, opt for doing it yourself. Do the scrubbing yourself and rinse your carpets or sleeping covers. Hang them at home and wait for them to dry. As for household furniture, handle them with great care, so that they last for a considerable period of time. If you can’t do it yourself, think of a non-monetary reward for all those in your family who pitch in. You can clean the house in a few hours, if everyone does their part.

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7 thoughts on “6 Secret Tips for Frugal Parents

  1. Good advice on the cable subscription. I got cable years ago so that my kids could watch Cartoon Network, Disney etc. these days they hardly even turn on the TV. They get their kicks on the web and if they want to watch anything they usually watch it on YouTube.

    The TV is mainly used for the Xbox – yet I still have cable. Thanks for the timely reminder!

  2. Well these are all things we did regardless of needing to or not growing up.

  3. All that secret tips are true. I agree about what you said about having trips, you don’t need to spend a lot of money just to go far away for a vacation but instead go out and have some picnic in the park by that you enjoy at the same time you save money.

  4. We cut our cable 4 years ago, I’m doing my own hair and nails at home, I don’t use the car anymore, use my telephone sparingly, just for a quick call to my mom, do my own house and garden. I do everything myself. I am still far from being a millionaire (guess I won’t be in this lifetime), but we have no loans to pay for and my children have all finished college.

  5. Hi enjoyed reading your post.
    Must admit it made me smile. But when you think about it more seriously. If you worked out how much money we all waisted across those 6 points. We would probably cringe. So without being totally frugal and just being sensible. We would all end up with more money in our pockets.

    Thanks again good points.

  6. Hey

    Thanks for sharing. It’s a great post and the tips you mentioned will be really helpful. Spending money on spas every other day is just not a good thing.

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