May 28, 2024

SEO Tactics to Tame the Panda

Panda is set of algorithm associated with the search results ranking methods of Google. The main reason to introduce the panda was to lower the sites with low quality content and provide a higher rank to sites that are rich in content. It effectively uses artificial intelligence with a human quality filters, judging the websites on the basis of quality, content, design, speed and trustfulness.

When Google introduced the panda algorithm in February 2011, many website owners lost a bunch of their precious traffic. While this new algorithm refined the search results of Google, it acted as a devil for many website owners round the world.

Some key points that can be used to recover from the panda effect are:

1. Perform a thorough evaluation of all the content on the site. Underlining the poor content pages and removing them; remembers panda perform a check on all the pages. Even if one page is of low quality, the whole site might be penalized.


2. Identify and stick to a particular niche; this will help the search crawlers in evaluation of your website. Search engine tend to prefer sites that are well defined in their approach. You cannot be effective if you target a whole variety of audience, they should be confined to a particular section. If your blog is about technology, you should be posting articles related to technology.


3. The quality of content is an important parameter for panda while judging a site for ranking. Google searches for content that provides a substantial value to its search results and the topics should be written with interest of the users in mind. The content should be informative and the topics should be free from any grammatical or analytical errors. The content should not be limited; it should contain detailed and elaborated information. The effective length of the post should not be less than 400 hundred words.

If the previous posts are not elaborated or you feel they cannot be explained in detail then you should probably remove such contents from your site. Moving them to a different domain can be another option.


4. Avoid duplicity of contents; a duplicate content will work as a negative factor for you. You should work hard to remove all the duplicate contents from your site. Google provides help in this department, you can choose Google webmaster tool to identify the duplicate contents. If you find that a third party has copied your content, report this matter immediately.


5. The ad to content ratio should be limited; panda algorithm was particularly harsh on sites that had advertisements all over their site. Hosting advertisements is fine but your main motive should be providing more information to audience in your niche.

Apart from these parameters you should give attention to the design and layout of your website. Although there is no official evidences to judge the sites on the layout basis but it is recommend that the layout should match to the current market levels. If your site has not been redesigned in the last 5 years or so then it should definitely be updated. Following the above tips might help you in regaining the lost audience during the panda attack.

About the author: Claudia is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on luxury and technology. She recently read an article on 3D Laptop that attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on ipad dock.

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10 thoughts on “SEO Tactics to Tame the Panda

  1. thanks for the great information. from the introduction of panda its necessary for many website owners to shift focus of their various websites in order to remain relevant. these tips are a great way to do that. thank you.

  2. Thanks for the info, i found your post very interesting to read, also very helpful.

    Cheers !

  3. I never know about panda but I read the information several times in other blogs. I am happy to know more about it. Thanks!

  4. Good information but there is still some confusions about panda. Google algorithm has entirely changed and its now preferring content of the website rather than any other thing. Quality content is the key of success of any website and each SEO do admits that. Quality of content is more important for any website rather than quantity of backlinks. No certain tactic is still adapted against Google panda and still efforts being made to under stand it.

    Thanks for sharing the informative post.

  5. Hi Claudia,

    It’s good advice in your post – but Google is updating so often now that the only real way to “tame the panda” is to feed it quality, original content.

    The days of shortcuts and quick fixes are behind us I think.

  6. It is really very necessary that you produce only quality contents to your niche that way you can tame the panda. And with the things that you’ve shared seo will have more ideas on how to do and will never have any problem.

  7. Panda is Google algorithm and it includes particular rules for ranking system in search engine and page rank of website. As above given, mostly, panda requires unique and rich content. If website includes perfect content with required keyword density then website definitely gets high rank.

  8. Good information on your blog and indeed Panda has change the concepts totally, Quantity no more matter and Quality does matter lot not in case of Content only, this applies for Link building as well.

  9. There are several SEO strategy that you can use to help you promote your website and business such as blog commenting, forum posting, social bookmarking, press release, directory submission and article submission.

  10. Hey, Claudia! I liked your article very much. I’m interested in every update Google makes. The more I optimize my website, the more traffic comes to my website 😀

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