May 28, 2024

Benefits of HTML 5 For Your Website

There are so many programming languages, technologies available which can be used to build your website. But Html is one forever language, which is used in every site and is one of the most important one. This Hypertext Markup Language is having tags and other code written which helps to give that beautification to your web pages. It is one of the oldest languages being used for website development.

In so many years of existence many new better versions of the language has been launched. Latest one to be the most talked about is HTML version 5. HTML5 is the one potential version which will have remarkable effects on the websites.

Let see what advantages websites switching to it can enjoy:
Enhanced User Friendliness:  The most important factor which contributes in the success of a website is its user friendly nature, if anyone is not comfortable in using, or moving around the website than it is off no use to have it. So top make that feature perfect and better higher end technologies are involved.
In terms of user friendly in HTML 5 only the structural changes have been made, rest of the fundamentals are still the same. So the developers who have good understanding of the version 4 can use latest HTML5.

Cross-Browser Compatibility: Whenever a website is designed browser compatibility is kept in mind. HTML5 most important factor is that is it compatible with most of the browsers. And the best part is that all the popular browsers support HTML5. All the popular ones like Google, Yahoo and I.E have been upgraded to support HTML5. Even Apple has updated its IPhone and Ipads to accommodate HTML5.

Better Multimedia Effects: One of the biggest flaw of html was is inability to handle high end multimedia effects. To generate the effects it needs to install the plug-ins. But the latest HTML-5 is equipped with in built elements which can handle the multimedia content effectively on its own. It means that now users can enjoy the video, audio without installing browser extensions.

You can use it Now: It will take 2014 for HTML5 to be in full existence. However, if you want to use it now then you can. There are many code snippets of HTML5 available which can be used.

So think and make that upgrade.

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5 thoughts on “Benefits of HTML 5 For Your Website

  1. HTML is a must for webmasters. It was the first language I got familiar with. I think that without knowing these basics you will never new something more complicated. Great review.

  2. HTML 5 is the latest version of HTML language which includes lots of advance features for website development. As above given information, HTML 5 requires latest version of Internet Explorer and any other browser to surf complete website in original format.

  3. Hey, Jeeny! Interesting article! HTML 5 seems to bring lots of advantages. However, I’ll wait until 2014 to use it. By that time lots of tips and tricks might appear. 😀

  4. I like the feature of making a website to be compatible browser. I’ve noticed before that there are times, website owners find themselves in trouble because their websites are incompatible to all browsers such as Google, Internet explorer, Firefox, etc. Now, this problem is already solved because of the existence of HTML version 5.

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