June 19, 2024

Make The Most Of The Facebook “Like It” Option

If you are considering resorting to the more famous social networking platforms like Facebook for adding that extra fillip to your publicity drive, you are definitely on the right track. However, just being part of a social networking platform would be hardly adequate. Using them to the best of your interests would require some acquired skills you would need to master of time. Given the fact that almost every business enterprise would be looking to maximize benefits of social networking, you would certainly be required to do something different for cutting the clutter. One of the easiest means to dominate the Facebook platform with your presence would be to make the most of the Facebook ‘Like It” option. Although most businesses that are a part of the Facebook community are using it quite rampantly, very few would actually be aware of the techniques necessary for maximizing its benefits.

Using the “Like It” Option to Maximize Benefits


Although it might seem like a simple feat at the start, actually getting clicks on your “Like It”
button could end up being a complicated task, especially if you have just started off with your promotion on Facebook. The foremost challenge would be to attract more traffic into your Facebook page. Listed below are some of the ways to ensure traffic inflow.


  • When you start off you should begin by sending invitations to existing friends, relatives and business acquaintances, asking them to click on the “Like It” option.
  • Better still, you could use the email signatures of your staff members and add a link of your Facebook page there. This will improve the chances of someone visiting your Facebook page from the list of contacts. And naturally, the “Like It” button would garner more hits.
  • If your company publishes a monthly newsletter, you can use it to advertise the Facebook page of your organization in it, in a bid to draw more and more traffic. Alternatively, you could also advertise it on your company website. You could even resort to other social network interfaces like Delicious, Twitter and LinkedIn for publicizing your Facebook page so that it can register more “Likes”.


Now that you have ensured maximum traffic inflow into your Facebook page it is time to adopt some concrete measures for enhancing “Like” clicks.


  • Ensure you add constant updates, news bits, pictures and any other usable piece of information that would prompt visitors to click on the “Like” button quite easily. Preparing a schedule for all your updates would always help. Adding company info, seminar details, interviews etc is also a great idea.
  • You can also use your Facebook page for promoting your special offers and discounts. This will prompt more and more visitors to “Like” your page.
  • You could choose to add a Facebook “Like” button wherever you feel they would be accessed more. You could use the WordPress Blogs as they provide necessary plug-ins for the same. The required coding is also available in the “Developers” section of Facebook.


Getting the most from your Facebook “Like It” option could be a matter of time. Be prepared to put in calculated efforts over a period of time in order to reap the benefits.

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  1. I completely agree that the “like” button is essential to maximizing traffic to your site. You offer some excellent advice here, thank you for posting!

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