April 15, 2024

How Guest Blog Posting Can Work For You – infographic

So, you’ve got a great domain, your blog software is installed, the design couldn’t be more beautiful and the words are just tumbling off of your fingers. Now, if only the readers would come more quickly…
Many bloggers are surprised and disappointed when they realize that there is more to gaining and keeping loyal readers than nifty content. The web is a bustling place with hundreds of millions of words of new content being published daily; standing out will take an extra effort. But fear not; drawing new visitors and turning them into loyal readers isn’t as difficult as you may think!
Enter guest blog posting, the act of writing great content not for your own blog but for the more active blog of a competitor in your niche. Besides instantly exposing your talents to an entirely new (and hopefully very large) audience, guest blog posting gives you the opportunity to spread your blog’s name around, creating interest in what you have to offer and resulting in good, targeted traffic to your blog.
Exposure for any new blog can be hard to come by, making guest blog posting both innovative and a no-brainer; a single well-written article published at the right time on the right blog can mean hundreds or even thousands of additional readers for not only your existing content but the content you will publish in the weeks and months ahead.
When your mother, your friends and the family pet just aren’t enough to satisfy your hunger for a large audience, consider boosting your writing talents onto an even higher platform in order to gain exposure, rub shoulders with potential new readers and earn valuable links back to your site by guest posting.

Guest Blogging


Guest posting infographic is courtesy of MyBlogGuest: What is Guest Posting – an Infographic

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8 thoughts on “How Guest Blog Posting Can Work For You – infographic

  1. You are absolutely right but only on popular niche. If your niche is like “study” then difficult to find blog owners.

  2. Loyal readers is not a super hard thing to get, but neither is easy. It takes inspiration, time and lots of attention given to them. But in the end I think it’s about being friendly.

  3. One of guest blogs at my blog on continuous learning & development is doing extremely well and drives a lot of traffic to my blog. Definetly vice versa doing guest blogging and commenting will also drive a lot of traffic.

  4. Having a guest blog is always a good thing. You get to reach a wide number of people as well as it helps create a name for yourself. Also it helps on getting a good traffic for ones blog.

    1. you are right, it is great to get your name out there on other blogs it shows you have knowledge that is backed up by your peers.

  5. Guest blogging is important as some times you’ll be able to post on high traffic sites.Which helps you to attract more bloggers.Moreover you’ll be able to interact with a new community.This will help to grow your business.

  6. Nice different infographic. I have been looking into guest posting more lately. You really can expand your reach by doing so.

  7. Hello,

    Good infographic. I always read Ann Smarty blogs and her new infographic post on guest blogger’s is really cool. Your infographic is also very informative. Keep blogging like this.

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