June 19, 2024

Why Should You Use Guest Blogging on Your Blog And How to Attract Guest Bloggers

Nowadays many blogs are open to guest blogging. They give chance to guest bloggers to provide posts related to niche of the blog. In return they get a backlink or some blogs pay small amount of fess to guest bloggers. But still there are many blog owners with conservative approach towards guest blogging.

Why a blog would need a guest blogger? To keep your blog rolling one has to post fresh and valuable content on daily basis. Some blogs make posts twice in a day and there are many times they fall short of content due to business in doing some other important work. Then Guest Bloggers come as a help. They can provide you with quality content which you are looking for. So all in all it is a healthy practice to have guest blogging opportunity on your blog. A blog owner gets high quality, unique content for their blog on daily basis and on other side a guest blogger gets a high vale backlink for their blog or site, which helps in driving traffic and building their brand.

But blog owner should keep check on the quality of the post before publishing. Some bloggers take undue advantage of the opportunity and provide low quality content in order to seek backlink. So question comes how to attract genuine and good guest bloggers to your site. Which are the places a blog owner can attract guest Bloggers?

Let’s explore such places in detail:

1. Build Dedicated Submit Guest Post Page

Once you have decided to open your blog for guest bloggers do make a special page giving all the details about this. Let your blog readers know about guest blogging opportunities on your blog. Optimize this page with the keywords like “Submit Guest Post”, “Write for us”, “Contribute as a Guest Blogger” whatever you like. Add these keywords in your page title and content of it. On this page give all the details about benefits a guest bloggers can get by submitting guest post on your blog, what will they get in return, your guest posts requirements and most important how they can contact you with their submission. Make this page visibly prominent in your top navigation or bottom so that the visitors can see it easily.

2. Visit others Blogs who are accepting Guest posts

Go through the guest post section such blogs which accept guest posting. Note down the detail of the guest bloggers whose post interests you. They must have shared their contact details.  Send them mail inviting or requesting them to guest post for your blog.

3. Invite Your Blogger Friends to Guest Post on your Blog:

You must be having a big list of other bloggers. Other than your own blog you must be reading other blogs also and like the posts made on them. So invite the one who relate to your blog niche and ask them to write a guest post for your blog. In return you can also contribute a guest post for their blog. Such ways help to build blogging community more strong and let other blog readers get to know about your blog.

4. MyBlogGuest Site

Ann Smarty, a well known blogger started MyBlogGuest which is a guest blogging community website. Here the blog owners who want to have guest post on their blog can start a discussion inviting guest bloggers. All you need to do is register at the site and create an account and let others know that you are open to guest blogging on your blog. In the discussion thread you can mention your requirements and guest posting guidelines. Interested guest blogger will contact you.

You can also post on your social network profiles about the guest blogging opportunity on your blog.

Do share in comments what method you have used to attract guest bloggers to your blog.

12 thoughts on “Why Should You Use Guest Blogging on Your Blog And How to Attract Guest Bloggers

  1. Great tips; most bloggers who accept guest posts make a major mistake: they don’t respect your #1 tip: creating a dedicated guest post page. I think creating such a page is important.

  2. This is a great reminder to all bloggers.. I think there are some things we can benefit from guest blogging and there are some which can be a disadvantage to us..

  3. Great tips! Thank you very much for sharing this info, Jade. I was looking for details about guest blogging and how this can be helpful to my blog. How do you know if a guest blogger can be a good one for your blog? By the way, I’m glad that I came into this post. Thanks a lot!

  4. These several tips bring a kind of enlighten to all the blogger in order to have a great decision linked with blogging decision… Thanks for sharing this with us…

  5. Hey Jade

    Guess Blogging is the best way to keep your blog rolling with some fresh and unique content. Creating a dedicated guest blogging page is a great way to go. Checking the content of the blog before posting is a wise thing to do as it prevents you from posting irrelevant and low quality content. Thanks for sharing a informative post.

  6. I had not thought about opening up my blog for quest posting, but I don’t think I have a good enough reach for it to be worth anyone while.

  7. i agree with your points.guest blogging has always a good parameter to get more traffic and to improve page rank.this is a wonderful post.thanks for sharing this with us. this is a high quality content and i hope these tricks will help me out to gain more page rank.

  8. Great tips! These should enlighten bloggers of the advantages of guest blogging. And I agree with EASHAN. It does improve your site’s page rank. Thanks for sharing this!

  9. There is two my subjection, don’t go to YOUSAYTOO that website keeps freezing and has many problems. I have to cancel my account today. That website has giving me too many problems.

  10. The other thing I like to do is write extensions from my posts that lead others from places I guest blog on to my site to read further.

  11. Great point on asking your blogger friends. I wonder if that is something that people sometimes miss. It is almost too obvious. Thanks for pointing it out!

  12. Thank you there are some great tips here. I have been trying to improve my website and I think this may be one of the solutions so I will definitely try it. I am hoping using guest blogger will increase the ranking of my website and I agree that you should take your time with blogs to increase the quality of them.

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