May 16, 2024

Linkbait A Great SEO Strategy

In the world of search engine optimization, there are some strategies that are definitely better than others. If you want your site to be able to rank highly, you need to get good quality links from strong sites. One of the most effective methods for doing so is using linkbait. What exactly is linkbait, and why would you want to use it for your website?

 What is Linkbait?

Linkbait is a term that is used to refer to content that people want to link to instead of you asking them to do it. The content is so good or unique that other webmasters naturally want to include a link to it on their own pages. Unique things like widgets, infographics, or videos can all be great sources of linkbait for your site.

 Creating linkbait- Be relevant. Be authentic. Offer something new.

"Link" Bait
“Link” Bait (Photo credit: JF10)

If you are interested in creating linkbait for your own website, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind. First of all, you need to make sure that the content is relevant. The content needs to be associated with something to do with your site. Don’t just include a cool widget that you created if it has nothing to do with the content of your website.

In addition to being relevant, you also need to be authentic. When you create something that is yours and share it with the world, this creates a sense of good will. Others will pick up on this and be more willing to link to your content as a result.

Lastly, you need to offer something new. If you simply take something that is available on many other sites and redo it, this isn’t really offering anything new. It needs to be something that is unique and can’t be found on every other blog out there.

 Linkbait Methods

There are many different strategies that you could use to create linkbait. For example, do a Skype interview with someone and upload the video to your site. Create a list of something interesting. Do a case study or some kind of original research that can’t be found anywhere else. Even writing something that is controversial or designed to engage people in conversation can be a good source of linkbait.

 Linkbait Strategy

The ultimate purpose of using linkbait is to get links from quality sites. With these methods, you create natural links to your site that Google will love. You want to be able to get plenty of good links the will help boost your rankings in the search engines. If you use artificial methods of building links, Google will probably pick up on it, and it can hurt your site’s rankings. When you create linkbait, it has the potential to help you make a well-rounded collection of links to your site.

 Benefits of Linkbait

So is linkbait good or bad for your site? In the opinion of many search engine optimization experts, it is definitely a good thing that has the potential to help your search engine rankings. Linkbait is really nothing more than creating great content that people love. Since the Internet is based around building quality content, this fits in well with what the search engines are trying to do. If you can get people to link to your site without asking them to do it, this is what Google wants. Therefore, you will be rewarded with better rankings and higher traffic numbers over the long-term. It probably won’t boost your traffic overnight, but it will help your site over time. Keep building content that begs to be linked to, and it will eventually pay off.

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  1. Nice article. Good Link Bait is a great way to draw in traffic. Info graphics have proven to be a great way to get peoples attention. I am certainly more apt to looking through a great infographic because they are usually quick reads that have useful information.

  2. This would be very helpful not only to seo strategy, but also in building relationship not only to your targeted audience, but also to other bloggers’ audience too. In that way, you can expand your connection with the help of other bloggers.

  3. A very nice share. I was totally unaware about the very concept of Linkbait. Through this post, I got a lot of learning. Thanks for sharing this valuable post.

  4. Hi there. Really a great post. When I read about link earning I just got the term link baiting. It is a quite effective and affect your business or SEO like Virus. It can be also called viral marketing.

  5. I am finding infographs to be great for link baiting. I also like doing “list” post as those always seem to work as well.

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