April 11, 2024

Last minute Halloween Costumes

People attach different meanings to Halloween each year. There is a group of Halloween fanatics who spend a lot of time planning for the big day. On the other hand, there are a good number of Halloween adversaries who rarely see the importance of celebrating this event. This latter group sits around until it is just hours to the big night. Then, they rush around constructing costumes hoping to meld into the Halloween mood. Often, these costumes are made effortlessly and at times with little or no costs. Here are some Halloween costume ideas for the lazy, last minute folk. Thankfully, people are rather forgiving of poor costumes, and will appreciate the effort.

Posthumous Celebrity Costume

The Posthumous Celebrity Costumes pretty quick to pull together. You only need a theme costume that espouses your favorite celebrity such as a famous pop artist who recently died or a renowned tech guru such as Steve Jobs (faded 501s, trainers, black turtleneck). Halloween fans are known to idolize the Michael Jackson thriller outfit, which can be pulled off quite easily with the right wardrobe. It is easy to assemble celebrity outfits from home; you only need to have a few t-shirts with your dead celebrity image emblazoned or just sewn over your normal clothes. This can be done tastefully (well, nearly) or not. Tasteless variations will allude to the manner of the celebrity death, though this is best avoided.

Plant And Tree Costumes

If you find yourself in a fix a few days to Halloween, it is better if you relaxed and perhaps looked up to the cheap creeping plants you might have seen at the second hand dealer shop or at your favorite pawnshop. If you can only assemble a costume from home, try sticking dead leaves on your usual clothes and you might end up looking like a seasoned maple tree ready for fall.

Trash Superhero

For the very lazy personalities, Halloween need not take extra sweat from your brows. You can cut out a trash bag for your torso and a matching witch trash paper cap; it only takes some duct tape to hold it together. If this one eats up on your time, it will take less than 10 minutes at most and not a dime will be spent.


If you did not have a well cut out Halloween outfit, consider putting on some of your softly colored pajamas and house flippers, sling a brightly colored pacifier around your neck and drag along to the nearest party. Consider adding your pigtail effect especially for lazy women and girls.

Beauty Queen Costume

If Halloween costumes are proving hard to create, you might consider pairing an old lacy wedding or meshed nightdresses with a colored sash proclaiming Miss “This” or “That”. Splash generous make up shade and strut the catwalk posture; it costs no money to blend this together. You don’t even need the dress, to be honest.

Christmas Theme Costume

Even if it is Halloween, you may consider adding a little surprise by donning a Christmas theme. These can be inspired by the Santa look or a Christmas tree replica look. You do not need to invest heavily on this one, as your old Santa hat and red nightgown will do the trick. In regards to time, this costume will take less than 10 minutes to assemble.

The American Patriot

The easiest Halloween patriot theme is easily achieved by cutting out star spangled theme fabrics and piecing up the pieces creatively. You only need a few minutes and little or no money to look similar or even better than the national flag.


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  1. These list of different Halloween Costumes are great. Thanks Alton for taking the time to list these, i think the Trash Superhero and the Beauty Queen Costumes seem to be the easiest to make. Keep up the good ideas on further costumes. Thanks!

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