June 19, 2024

Encouraging Your Child to Get Into Sports

Keeping children active is an excellent way to burn excess fats. Encouraging them to take up a sport will help ensure that they are going to have happy and healthy lives in the future. Regular exercise helps your children to lower their risk of contracting certain illnesses such as diabetes, heart problems and other serious diseases. How do you lead your kids to an active lifestyle? Here are some pointers that you can use to encourage your children to become more active.

Listen to your kid and show some support.

Parents’ full support is vital in getting your child into a sport. Ask your children which activity fancies them. Make sure that you are not pulling the stops to encourage interest into an activity. Personal doubts should be placed in the back burner and start getting behind your child. Some children will only become interested if they get full parental backing.

Help your kids to have positive perceptions towards sports.

It is a known fact that children may have short attention spans. Around 75 percent of kids would quit a sport upon reaching 12 years old. Children quit because the activity is no longer fun for them. The sport may not have enough interaction to fuel a child’s interest. Too much down time may pull your children’s interest down. Counter this feeling by making your children feel that they are doing well in their chosen sport. You can also do this by making them feel that sports is something that will help them achieve their goals in life because of having better health.

Don’t stick to a single sport.

If your kid loses interest in a sport; then try another. The possibility of this to happen is big. Parents should support the decisions of their children for as long as it contributes to better health and better quality of life.  The goal is to keep your kids active regardless of the sport. Encourage them to try some other sports.  This way, their bodies would become even more versatile and flexible.  Not to mention the chance of being able to create new circles of friends.

Never put too much pressure

Pressure is one of the biggest reasons why children quit sports. Parents have become so passionate that they have pressured their children too much. Constantly fuel their passion for sport with your own but be careful not to overdo it. Always set realistic goals for your child. The key is to make them active and not to create the next sporting icon. Too much pressure will just lead them to consider quitting and ending your goal of keeping your child active. Always remember to tell your child every now and then that joining sports may entail exposure to failures that would lead him to suffer from stress and anxiety. However, with the right encouragement and support, your children will be able to conquer their anxiety and would learn to appreciate their chosen sports even more.

Get a great coach

Great coaches teach their athletes not only those skills that help them win the game.  But, great coaches are those people who teach life skills that are important for winning against any other adversities in life. Good coaches ensure that your child performs at an optimum level. They will teach your child how to rise above adversity and to become a winner in life. Get a coach who understands life values and sees the game as something more than just a sport. Coaches ruin the sporting experience if the child gets constant negative feedback.

Be active yourself

Parents are the child’s first role models. If you are a couch potato, how could you encourage your child to become active? Children are heavily influenced by their parents. Participate in sports as part of the family’s activity. This will keep your child’s interest in engaging with a sport or at least maintain an active lifestyle.

Getting your children into sports will not only give them healthy lives but better minds as well. Active children will have better chances of beating stress and anxiety later in life.Keeping children active will also help ensure they will have fruitful lives which can become your lasting legacy.


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5 thoughts on “Encouraging Your Child to Get Into Sports

  1. Hi Ryan,
    really you have great courage,
    and your blog is very good , i am totaly agree with you.
    I want to say for Indian that in my country many less people goes to make their career in sports.
    I think is a good field for earning name and fame both.

  2. I think this is really important. Sports give your kid a great foundation. It also is a great way to build long lasting friendships.

  3. Hello,
    I just started my own blogging about my kids actions, etc., I want to get my 7 year old into sports. He tried T-ball when he was younger and it did not go well. It was a combination of bad coaching, bad attitude, and unwillingness to be a part of a team. Most of it stemmed from the coach not rotating the kids properly and teaching them. This time round I hope to use your guidelines set above to get him interested. Hes a big boy and is very active, and seems to want to get into sports again. My concern is what happens when he gets out there and has to work with other kids in order to accomplish the goals of the game. He is short tempered when things don’t go his way, etc. How can I get him stay positive about the sport, understand the rules, and engage with his teammates so that he can build his confidence, self-esteem, endurance, and more. I want to support him in his decisions, but I don’t want him to quit everything without really giving it a try whenever he wants to.

  4. Hello Ryan, I really enjoyed your encouraging writing. Kids are now very much involving with gaming consoles. They like to play video type of games often and playing so they’re getting excessive weight. Now I’ve read in many articles recent developing video games are good for kids sharp mind building. I think along with sharp mind we need to inspire our kids to maintain their overall fitness by playing outside sports as well. Thanks a lot for your inspiring come up. It surely make sense.

  5. As a parent, I encourage my son to play any kind of sport that he will like. But if you ask me, I want him to be a basketball player just like any NBA superstar.

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