May 28, 2024

Reasons Why iPhone Gaming has Bang out in Popularity

Avid gamers have always been partial to either the computer or the gaming consoles. It was not until just the past few years that people really began to game on their Smartphone devices. You have a lot of options now for gaming between the Android and iPhone, but many wonder what made gaming on the iPhone so intriguing. Why has the popularity of gaming on your iPhone grown so dramatically in such a short period of time?

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People do love gaming on their console or computer, but it is difficult to try and lug them everywhere that you go. The iPhone allows you to game no matter where you are around the world. You simply just download the app to get started. There is nothing like being able to enjoy a quick round of your favorite game while waiting in line at the bank or in transit on your way to work. The iPhone is small enough to allow for easy transportation, but large enough to allow for decent gaming.

Game Selection

There is a huge selection of games that are available for the iPhone on iTunes. You have games that range from your basic word games to impressive battle FPS games. There is quite a large selection of free games too. This means that you can download a lot of games to try out, and if you do not like it then simply delete it. You have not wasted any money. You can read the reviews on iTunes to see what others might have liked about the game, and you can even see what kind of issue people may have had with the game. There are some great games that are extremely popular such as The Walking Dead series that are also available on iTunes, but you will have to pay to download these games.


Gaming on a console is great, but it can become quite expensive. New games average around $50, and if you invest $50 on every new game that is released the price adds up rather quickly. It is true that there are places like GameStop where you can trade-in older games toward a store credit in order to help with the price of the newer games. However, there are rumors floating around that when the PS4 is released you will no longer be able to trade-in your old games. The bottom line is that $50 is quite expensive for a game. You could purchase at least 5 of the pricier games in iTunes to enjoy on your iPhone before you reached the price of 1 console game.

Apple TV

Apple TV has taken iPhone mobile gaming to a whole new level. You no longer have to enjoy your favorite iPhone games while staring at your iPhone screen. You can purchase Apple TV and enjoy them on your big TV screen in the comfort of your home. You simply will use the iPhone as the remote. The upgraded specs of the iPhone 5 processor and the new larger screen help to optimize the graphics and smooth transitioning. Apple TV will just help to enhance these aspects even more.

The iPhone has become a great gaming machine among other things, and it does not show any signs of slowing down in the near future. Many game developers have concentrated a great deal of effort on the development of their mobile gaming market which means that more games are to come. The iPhone has challenged the popularity of console gaming, and there is a chance that it may become the gaming device of choice in the future.

Author Bio: The article is contributed by Jason Phillips. He is a game designer and freelance writer. From past 5 years he is working with a well known gaming site. Go here to know about his site.



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    Lets be honest if apple can make their I phone the smart phone to go to for gaming and if it can really combat the small consoles. Then this could really help apple combat the seemingly never ending rise of Samsung in the smart phone market at the moment. Lets wait and see what the rest of 2013 has in store.

    Great info thanks lee

  2. That’s right. Games on the mobile platform are very cheam when compared with the ones on the console. Of course you can’t really compare them in terms of graphics and gameplay but they really have something that can make you addicted to them. It’s a whole different thing when you are on a smartphone. Great article. Cheers!

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