June 14, 2024

My fitbit Ultra broke

Last summer I got my fitbit ultra to track how active I was, I also started running. Winter in Michigan has kept me from running but I was still using my fitbit to keep me motovated to keep moving as much as I can. I’d get up at work and just make a few laps around the office. But last month, I was walking through my house and bumped my hip on a chair and my fitbit fell apart 🙁



Now fitbit is coming out with a band version that you can wear in the shower. Its missing the ability to count how many steps you climb but I think I want to give the wrist band a try. With my ultra there were days I would forget to grab it on my way out the door ( I never used it to track my sleep). The Fitbit Flex
is suppose to be released in May. I’ll post a review when I get one.


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