Five hot android apps

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I love my android apps and I’m always looking for something new. Take a look at these and let me know if you’ve used them or have any better recommendations.

Fitbit Personal Finance


RunKeeper – GPS Track Run Walk


Text’nDrive DriveSafely Now!!!

21 thoughts on “Five hot android apps

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  2. Ansh

    Hi, Jason, I have came to know your post and i found you have shared great apps here. I was pleased if you could give some details about these apps. Anyways i like those apps and will say one thing…….Thanks

  3. Moin

    All the 5 apps are new for me.
    Few of them I don’t need but few apps are really worth try.

    Thanks for sharing mate.


    1. jayb Post author

      I love runkeeper, but since I broke the glass on my droid bionic and had it replaced, the GPS is not actuate enough for runkeeper anymore 🙁 My contract is up in September and I think I’ll get a S4


      1. gill

        Hi, Jason, I have came to know your post and i found you have shared great apps here. I was pleased if you could give some details about these apps. thanks

  4. jviss

    Thank you for this list, though i have only a android tv stick, so some apps wont work.. ;-)I use the Mint now app on my android tv stick, so i can check my finance while watching a tv program 🙂 p.s. mint works perfect on the Tronsmart T428 with latest firmware (android 4.2.2.) Other wont work!

  5. Kevin

    I haven’t used any of these. Will surely give them a try.
    Well, here is my list
    1. Lookout
    2. Whatsapp
    3. Flipboard
    4. Bouncy Seed
    6. TOI

  6. Manidip Bandyopadhyay

    I have been using Android for more than 2 years and I am quite satisfied with it. Millions of apps are there for download. What I don’t like is the performance of handsets after 6 months. In every six months we see new flagships with new set of hardware. This is discouraging. Other than that, I love Android for gaming and app usage.

  7. Vishnu

    Thanks for sharing your latest android apps.But I like the run keeper and mint app nowadays..

  8. Muhd Hanis

    Such an informative post. I work on app reviews. I would love to make a review on this. You can visit my blog to find out more info. I hope it would add great idea for your posting in near future. Thanks

  9. Rahul

    Thanks Jason ….to share such valuable information….
    I installed two app from this,it’s really beneficial for me.

  10. Lucky malothra

    REally these are hot android apps i never used any of them but today i install all aps great share.

  11. Ina Tekno

    I’m never hear about all 5 this software , but i think all of them area useful . Really great post , everyone can know what best software on android.

  12. Raheem

    Awesome, indeed an awesome article. I personally use Fitbit, it’s much awesome and love their awesome new UI.

    Thanks for posting! Good luck

  13. Siddharth Sharma

    Awesome article bro. for android user. i like your mostly articles on this blog.
    today i got 5 awesome apps . this is awesome dear .

    thanks to share it on this awesome place.

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