April 15, 2024

My three favorite android apps

It’s early October so I thought I would share three new android apps I use all the time.

1. Might Text

This app rocks! The battery on my phone is getting old so it doesn’t hold a charge for the day, so it’s on my desk and charging a lot. But I always have my tablet or computer close to me. I get text messages from our monitoring systems at work and sometimes I would miss them because the phone would be down stairs charging. Now with Might Text I can read and respond to my text messages from my table or computer. I also can see who’s calling. Its great!

To use it on your computer there is a browser extension that you need to install. Might Text is for Android phones only. It also syncs your photos and allows you to send texts from your gmail account but I haven’t tested those features yet.
For your phone:

SMS Text Messaging ?PC Texting

For your tablet:

Text Messaging from Tablet SMS

2. Can I Stream It?

canistreamitHow many times have you been out and about and thought about renting a movie for the night. Do you first go to the video store or check redbox, now I just open Can I Stream It? with this app I can look up any movie or tv show to see if it is available to stream or rent through many services. It makes it so much easier than searching multiple sites and comparing prices. You can have mark movies that aren’t available yet for notification on when they are available on your favorite service.

Can I Stream It?


Looking for free ringtones or wallpaper for your phone, look no farther than ZEDGE. Its free and easy to find the sound or background you want. The app is neatly laid out and the filters work well to sort through the large collection. I got duck dynasty and the minions from Despicable Me for ring tones and notifications.


Have you tried these apps? what did you think? What are your favorite apps? Leave a comment and let us know.

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4 thoughts on “My three favorite android apps

  1. Hi Jay, These are great apps. I have used and reviewed Can I Stream It and Zedge and really enjoy both of those apps. I haven’t tried Mighty Text, but I can see the convenience of it. I use iMessage on my Mac and really enjoy the convenience. It’s handy to type a text message with a keyboard.

    Have you thought about getting a new battery for your Android phone? If the battery is replaceable, you might have a much easier time with a new battery.

    1. My droid bionic is reaching the end of it life (slow even after a reload) I’ll save the money from a new battery and put it toward a new phone 🙂

  2. I have been using Zedge and i love that app. I dont know about the above 2 but i try it for sure reading the review and description.

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