April 15, 2024

xbox one vs PS4 my take on it

I have both a Xbox 360 and a PS3. I prefer my Xbox, the PS3 UI just seems slower. I don’t have as many friends with PS3 so the free online play isn’t a huge deal. We mostly use it for a blu ray and netflix box. I’m not a first personal kind of shooter guy so there aren’t too many PS3 exclusives.

Now the PS4 and xbox one are out and they both sold about 1 million units on their first day. After reading about the specs of each and the reviews. I really don’t understand the excitement for the PS4, I just don’t feel like there is anything that new and exciting. The updated kinetec and skype integration sounds great for the xbox one. But since you can’t play any of your older games on either system I won’t be getting one for awhile.

I think that I think would push one of the two to the top of the hill would be an online rental system. Either a call you can eat like netflix or just a daily rental as if you went to a red box kiosk or video store and rented a game for a day. I would be happy to pay 10-15 a month to download and play let’s say any game older than 6 months. The other option would be to allow you to download the game and then play for 24 hours for around $2 or $3. I know this rental idea at those prices would never fly, look at online video rentals. Most are $4 or $5 when I can go to red box and get them for $1! Oh well I can dream 🙂

Xbox One Key To ‘One Microsoft’ (via InformationWeek)

Michael Endler Microsoft’s Xbox One isn’t just about taking over the living room. It’s a proving ground for CEO Steve Ballmer’s “One Microsoft” vision. Microsoft sold more than 1 million Xbox Ones within 24 hours of the console’s Friday launch. Sony…

photo credit: Alfred Hermida via photopin cc

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