April 12, 2024

Free Gamer Cards

This Christmas Microsoft and Sony each launched their next gen consoles. For me it is too much cash when they aren’t backwards compatible.

But new systems drive down the cost of games on the older consoles so I picked up a few games last week. Which got me back on the gaming sites and I found a few sites that offer gamer cards that track and display your latest games and updates on PSN and Xbox Live.

For PSN try psnprofiles.com here’s mine:

For XboxLive you can even get banners like this

You can find these at http://gamercard.zaamit.com/


Then there’s Raptr, it tracks both Xbox and Playstation and has a great gaming community. My raptr gamer card looks like this


Raptr Gamercard



Add me to your Xbox live or PSN if you want to chat (Family friend only please)



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