June 13, 2024

Weekly link list

This is the first weekly link list I will be posting. I wanted an easy way to share the useful links I’ve found throughout the week.

This week’s like includes many sites related to chromecast. I picked one up for $25 from groupon and just started testing it this weekend. The unit works well, but I already have many other devices that stream netflix,youtube,vudu,etc. So I’m still trying to figure out the added value of the chromecast. The chromecast extension worked work for viewing a chrometab on the TV. Maybe I’ll have to purchase the plex app for my phone and see if it works better than the samsung version of the app on my TV.


Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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3 thoughts on “Weekly link list

    1. As I mentioned in the post, I’m having a hard time finding an use beyond what I already have. It supports CEC, so if I have the TV on and start casting it will switch inputs to the chromecast. But right now my biggest use is casting a chrometab for sites that don’t already have a streaming app.
      If I didn’t already have the other devices it would be my top choice if you have an android phone or tablet (it does support ios, but I’ve heard not as well as android). Everything I have tried with it has worked really well.

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