July 17, 2024

mediabrowser is it an alternative to plex?

I’ve been running plex at home for a few years now. Its great software and works very well. They have continued to add features and improve the product. But with all that time and effect they are now charging for the latest features. Its a great product and the developments have every right to charge for the work they have put in. The latest feature is an app for the xbox platform. Its available for the xbox one now and soon for the xbox 360. But sadly the the samsung plex app has reached end of life for the model samsung TV I have. So there will be no more development on it, the last few versions had issues with MKV files. I wasn’t going to re-encode all my movies. So I haven’t been using it much.

I found out about mediabrowser a few weeks ago and plan on installing it this weekend. It looks to support all the end points I would use, Samsung TV,roku, Android, and chromecast. No Xbox app but I can get past that. It has “channels” similar to plex plugins. But it doesn’t have offline support (I don’t use that and its a paid feature anyways)

Here’s a video about the latest version


have you used plex or media browser? Which one do you like better? Leave your answer in the comments below.


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