April 15, 2024

My three favorite Android games

This Christmas I got the family each a new kindle fire. The kids are enjoying their kid edition kindles (but the memory size is too small) and my wife loves her updated kindle fire 7.

I’m still using my asus transformer but I’ve installed and updated ROM on it. Its kitkat katkiss 4.4.4 

The ROM has been great and really sped up the tablet so now I tend to play games on it more often. Here are my top three games for the last few months.

I enjoy word games and Words with Friends is the best

New Words With Friends (Playboard) | New Words With Friends (Play Store)
Its an oldie but goodie. They continue to update the interface and I love that I can play from multiple devices. More games need to have this ability to play on mutliple devices, so I can use my phone when I’m on the road, but the tablet when I’m at home

Next is my candy crush/bejeweled game. But with marvel characters. Marvel Puzzle Quest

Marvel Puzzle Quest (Playboard) | Marvel Puzzle Quest (Play Store)

Last a pokemon like game that has slowly grown on me. Monster Squad

Monster Squad (Playboard) | Monster Squad (Play Store)

Here’s a bonus game, it combines monster squad with bejewel. Summoners War

Summoners War (Playboard) | Summoners War (Play Store)

So what games keep you up past bedtime? Which ones having you saying just one more time? Let us know in the comments below.Photo by Jane Starz

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