June 12, 2024

Black Friday 2015 TV Deals


If you think Black Friday 2015 is still two days away, you haven’t been paying attention at all. November 27th isn’t Black Friday… not anymore. Black Friday is now a week-long sales event that offers consumers some of the best bargains of the year on everything from home goods to electronics to software to clothing and everything in between. This year, however, one category in particular seems to be a bit hotter than anything else, and that’s HDTVs.Of course, you don’t have to wait until Friday to get killer deals on LED TVs large and small.

Source: Black Friday 2015 TV Deals: All of Amazon’s best HDTV deals | BGR

Are TVs even a hot item for black Friday or the holidays? Seems like everyone already has their 40+ inch flat screen. 3D TVs where a huge fail, built in streaming apps didn’t get updates fast enough to keep them useful. Now they are pushing 4k and curved displays. Do we care? The price of a 40-50 inch TV has dropped over the last few years. So do we really care about black Friday TV sales.

I think other technologies are much hotter and people are looking for deals on smart watches, cell phones, or drones more than TVs.

What do you think, are you picking up a TV this holiday or over the hype?

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