May 29, 2024

A wonderful year for comic book movies

2016 is going to have some major comic book movies out. Below are three of the most anticipated.

Batman Vs Superman

Captain America: Civil War



I haven’t read any of the comics for these three series, but to me the batman vs superman just looks blah. Affleck is not batman, and Cavill is an awful superman.

The think the two marvel movies are going to dominate the box office. I’m pump and ready to see them.

So which movie are you more excited for, which one do you think will be the best at the box office?

Photo by Terry Bain

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One thought on “A wonderful year for comic book movies

  1. Hallo there Jason, hope you are enjoying the new 2016. I was searching for some ideas for my next project and Google dropped me here. Surely something is cooking in the kitchen and you can expect more than just comics this year 🙂
    Thanks you


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