May 28, 2024

WordPress Embedded post

One of the features of wordpress 4.4 was the ability to embed post, videos and music from other sites by just dropping the link into a post. I haven’t had the best luck with it so far.

So today I’m going to find some links to test with.

Soundcloud ^^^^,p0,d1


hulu ^^^


Here’s a list of the supported embeds:

From the wordpress 4.4 feature list, I should be able to just drop a link to a post from any 4.4 site and it will embed, but from my testing above I can’t get it to work. Its working from other sites, like videos and music but not post….



A Thank You to the Guardian That Just Made My Day at Chic-fil-A from DestinyTheGame


reddit ^^^^^


View post on


imgur  ^^^^

tumlbr ^^^


twitter ^^^^


Trying reddit again ^^^  – comments seem to work, but not the original post 🙁



vimeo ^^^

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