April 15, 2024

Great backgrounds for windows and android

Are you one of those people who keep the default backgrounds or still have a picture of your children from 5 years ago because you never change the background of your computer or android phone?

I have found an easy way to get great wallpaper for your PC and android phone. Both options use reddit.com to grab the wallpapers. Some of the best sites are




To use these sites to update the wallpaper on your PC check out

reddit wallpaper changerEITOtZd


I’ve had the best luck with reddwall. RWC allows you to download and save the images you like, but I had issues with it not updating and repeating the same wallpaper often.

If you want to use the same sites to update the wallpaper on your mobile phone you can use this recipe.
IFTTT Recipe: reddit earthporn wallpaper to mobile phone connects reddit to android-device

You’ll need to load IF¬†app on your phone. Then enjoy daily updated wallpapers each morning.

Have you tried any of these options before? Do you have another way to rotate and download wallpapers for your PC and phone? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. I knew there would be people like you who thought they were the only one having these problems. The latest update 8.1 has fixed many of the problems.

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