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Psalm 46:10. @bencalhoun — This hangs above my piano at our house. My sister @sarahgeorgestyle made it for us. It’s also a new song on our upcoming album. This verse is a lifestyle for me. I’ve learned that whatever the situation, it’s ordained and allowed by Almighty God. He set it in motion and controls everything. We can be free of the burden of figuring it all out all the time. My dad always said to me “ask to be a part of God’s plans… you’ll sleep better”. Amazingly, God gives us a choice to respond to His will. That is a great mystery but I understand it in that it proves that we aren’t just a bunch of robots forced to love and serve a great big dictator in the sky. — When I found out who Jesus really is, it was a lightbulb moment. Even He retreated to be alone with His Father. I’ve found it’s good for us to do the same. It’s raining on a Sunday morning here in @visitfranklintn @franklintn and this verse seems to fit. — @danielolssonworld @davidblascoe

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