April 16, 2024

How to setup and join clans in The Division 2

In order to create or join a Clan in The Division 2, you will need to first recruit the NPC character Grace Larson to your ranks. Thankfully, this should be simple enough. Ms. Larson can be found in the Theater Settlement. It’s the second major settlement after The White House, so you’ll unlock Clans relatively early on. Following the natural story missions will take you to Grace Larson in the Theater Settlement.

There should be three officer NPCs to talk to here. Grace Larson, Charles Douglas, and Senait Ezera, who will unlock Clans, the Firing Range, and Dark Zones respectively. You’ll find Grace Larson on the top floor of the Theater Settlement. Talk to her and she will be recruited.

Once you have recruited Grace Larson, you will need to travel back to the ground floor of the East Wing of the White House. Talk to her again and Clans will be unlocked. Once unlocked, you’ll need to talk to Grace Larson whenever you want to set up a Clan or join one.


Source: The Division 2 Clans | How to set up a Clan – GameRevolution

I’ve been enjoying this game since I bought it release weekend. I don’t get much time to play so right now I’m still level 5. But I’m having a good time, I mostly play solo and rarely get anyone to answer my call for support 🙁  But I fight on!

One of my X1 clubs created a clan to join so I’m posting this here on my page from gamerevolution.com so I can find it easy when I get home to play.

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