April 15, 2024
Windshield time podcast time

Windshield time podcast time

This past year I started a new job and I have a much longer drive to work than before. So I started subscribing to podcast using spotify and I thought I would starting sharing some of my favorite. These are in no perticular order.

  • Windows Weekly – Twit
    • I enjoy this show, it takes me back to my techtv days. Even though its a show focused on windows, they don’t give it an easy pass and spend a good amount of time dogging things of Microsoft
  • The Chris Hogan Show
    • From the Dave Ramsey offspring of shows, but with a different way of interacting with the callers. The baby steps are the same and Chris also discusses what comes after the baby steps. I tend to alternate between Chris and Dave’s shows.
  • Mark Driscoll ministries
    • I love Marks passion for the Lord and his way of sharing the bible with listeners. He’s had some problems over the last few years and I love to hear about how God used that time to change him.
I hope you enjoy my list, I have many more I’m listening to, some I unsubscribe, some lead me to other podcast. If you joined this small list let me know and I’ll continue. If you know of a podcast I just have to checkout. Drop it in the comments below.

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