WordPress plugins to insert stock photos

Having a photo in your blog post helps add context and color to your writing, when its shared on social media it more likely to be read and clicked when a photo is attached. But where and how do you find photos to add to your post?

Kaboompics .com at Pexels

There are a number of sites that host creative commons images and public domain photos. But sometimes you just want to keep within the WordPress editor when your writing you post. Here are three plugins that allow you to do just that.

How do you find images for your post? Let us know in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “WordPress plugins to insert stock photos

  1. justkeepdistance

    I do not really like getty images. Pexels and Image inject are very good though. Incidentally do you find the blog editor can be a little alkward at first when using images in blog posts?.

  2. Jason Benway Post author

    Inserting images in the WordPress web editor is not too bad if your using images in your gallery. The last version lets you paste in images from your clip board, that makes it easy when taking screen shots.
    The editor in the mobile WordPress app lets you pull images from a free media library or gif search which is extra nice.

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