April 15, 2024

Mobile blogging

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what I want to do next on my blogs.

Working from home most of the time, makes it harder for me to jump back into the computer in the evening to work on content.

I was thinking maybe trying more short form posting. Photos, useful links, and short messages.

I started testing using my phone as my posting device. But if feels like a number of features don’t come through the WordPress app. Like embedded item stay basic links.

Typing longer post on I phone keyboard results in lots of corrections.

I’ve also been considering creating a podcast. We’ll have to see that 2021 brings. Best wishes to all four of my readers 😀. Have a great day.

Jason Benway

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One thought on “Mobile blogging

  1. Hello Jason.
    I went back blogging after a few years. The ting with myself is I have a little misophonia and cant stand the noise made by laptop fans. I always find myself more productive on a desktop anyway. This computer is like 10 years old but it does the job for me. However since you are working from home all day it’s different. I only do a few zoom meetings for my volunteer work. B.T.w you have been on my old blog and made a comment a few years ago on a post I wrote. I had it backed up and republished it with your comment.

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