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10 Tips Bloggers Can Learn from Printed Books

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Source: dotbenjamin Blogging is designed for the fast-paced world of the internet; blogs are quick reads that someone can spend a few minutes perusing and expect to gain a chunk of valuable knowledge. The blogger’s goal is to hook their readers, enticing them to return to the blog multiple times…. Read more »

10 Big Design Mistakes Often Made by New Bloggers

Content drives readers to blogs, but many new bloggers tend to go overboard. They haven’t yet written the Pulitzer class articles, so they will instead try to entice more viewers to their site with videos and music. Rather than enticing them, this tactic scares blog followers away by cheapening the site. Here are ten mistakes which are commonly made by new bloggers.

7 Free Online Image Editors

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Everyone knows about Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and other well known commercial image editors, but did you know that you can get fantastic image editing results for free without installing any software (besides Flash) on your computer? Although online solutions may not have as many features as commercial products, they likely have more features than the average digital camera user will ever need. Here you will find 7 free online image editors that will help you edit your photos and other images without spending money and without cluttering your computer.