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3 Reasons Why Social Media Can Be Good For Family

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People tend to think of social media as a young person’s game. “Those durn kids with their Facespace and Tweeter!” you’ve heard your grandma grumble, probably after getting out of her horse-drawn buggy. It isn’t just grandparents who take issue with social media—adults in general seem to be a bit… Read more »

5 Skills that You Need to Have as a Blogger

If you want to become an efficient blogger, you have to learn how to master few skills to enhance your blogging experience. By learning few important skills, you will be able to make your blog more engaging for your readers. Besides, those skills will greatly affect your blogging income. Here… Read more »

How Guest Blog Posting Can Work For You – infographic

So, you’ve got a great domain, your blog software is installed, the design couldn’t be more beautiful and the words are just tumbling off of your fingers. Now, if only the readers would come more quickly… Many bloggers are surprised and disappointed when they realize that there is more to… Read more »

6 Secret Tips for Frugal Parents

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Below are some ways one can go about getting out of debt, saving money for a goal or just spending less. The most important thing to remember is that each of these steps greatly cut down on costs, enable you to save, and also give you a chance to invest… Read more »

Take Classes to Recover After Bankruptcy

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There are many reasons people file for bankruptcy. Health issues, unsteady markets and uncontrolled spending habits all lead to financial difficulties. Taking classes as you recover from bankruptcy can help you manage your finances and save money, so you won’t have to file for bankruptcy again in the future. Why Take The… Read more »

Education and Career Goals for the College Graduate

You’re on your way to living your dream. You’ve taken classes at the university and have almost graduated. What else can you do to prepare for the career of your dreams? Here Are Some Ideas: Keep reading. Just because you’ve graduated doesn’t mean you know it all. Glean some additional… Read more »

10 of the Best Phones from the Movies

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Although not immediately apparent, telephones are integral to some of the most memorable moments in film history and are used for many different reasons including the creation of narrative elements, to act as shields of identity, symbols of status or as gadgets with identities of their own. With that in… Read more »