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Trying a new way to post bookmarks

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I had to using the builtin delious blog post and hiding them from the front page of the site. But Now I’m trying a new wordpress plugin called Postalicious. With Postalicious I can use a delious tag to limit which of my bookmarks get posted on the site. It think… Read more »

Testing Intense Debate

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Even with the integration with EntreCard, Sezwho never really seem to add value to this sites comments. I also didn’t see any additional comments or traffic from using sezwho. So I decided to give the Intense Debate plug-in. I installed the plug-in last night and it finished syncing my comments…. Read more »

More Site updates

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I should learn my lesson after my last round of updates, but today I’m adding some plug-ins and playing with some code. I added Increase Sociability but I need some way to test it. I don’t know if has any pages on digg or stumbleupon. I enabled Comment Relish… Read more »

Upgraded to 2.3

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I just updated this site to 2.3, but I can’t figure out how to migrate my tags from simple tags to wordpress 2.3 Update: I found it, Its under Manage>Import. It worked for most of my post. I’ll have to spend some time cleaning some of them up.

little updates

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I did a few updates tonight, nothing major just updating some plugins. I think all the plugins I use for this site are WP 2.3 compatible. Maybe I’ll try the upgrade later this week. later,jb


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Added quote block Added Stock Block Added Top 10 Links Block Car Insurance Savagenomads