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Fatherhood – Raising A Real Man In A Metrosexual World

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  Trying to raise a real man in today’s world may be harder than splitting an atom.  Everyday our kids are bombarded with images and messages of the most unmanly things imaginable.  Magazines are full of sexually ambiguous models dressed in feminine clothes in homo-erotic poses.  There’s a new book… Read more »

More Genealogy stuff

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I’m doing a little more comparing of the different webby genealogy sites I was talking about here. I’m surprised how many of these sites don’t have a to enter maiden names and married names. So far Genoom, MyFamily, and Kindo don’t seem to support this, but itsourtree and Geni do…. Read more »

Fun Weekend

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Image via Wikipedia Saturday night we went out with some friends and saw the Love Guru with Mike Myers. It was better than I expected, but I didn’t expect much. I was not up to the standard of any of the Austin Powers movies, but did provide a good number… Read more »

Web 2.0 Genealogy Sites

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I’ve found 6 slick web 2.0 genealogy sites, the fun is deciding on which one to spend my time entering all my family history into. Here’s the sites I’ve found I’ve entered the most data into geni and itsourtree both seem solid. I haven’t… Read more »

Swing Set

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Here a picture of the swing set that we put together for Grace this weekend.   [tags]grace[/tags]


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Yes I got sunburn from working outside this weekend. I helped my father in-law put together a swing set for Grace. It took us all day Saturday and about 4 hours on Sunday. But it done. Grace loves it! She spent over an hour today just swing. I’ll upload a… Read more »

Weekend alone

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Melissa and Grace went to see Melissa’s dad this weekend, so I’m rolling solo this weekend. I rented a few games and have 4 great football games on this weekend. Too bad I have to work tonight (Server maintenance window weekend) I also want to test embedding images with MS… Read more »

Grace is a little helper

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Grace just spilled some milk, she then went to the drawer we keep hand towels in and picked up one and wiped up her spilled milk. She’s only about 15 months old 🙂   Kids are incredible! jb [tags]grace, kids[/tags]