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Start 2012 with a free blog engage account!

What do top bloggers dragonblogger, Ileane, and BlazingMinds all have in common? They use blog engage.   What is Blog Engage If you haven’t heard about blog engage it is a blog community of top bloggers sharing post and support for each other. When you submit your post to the site you get a… Read more »

Best Social Media Tools to Search for Images

Often, images are equally as important when tracking online social media trends as the online content that accompanies them. Images are telltale signs of which topics inspire online audiences. As such, an interesting way to track current and changing social media trends is to search for highly circulated images. By… Read more »

Working on a new photoblog

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The last few months I’ve been working on the idea of a photoblog. I’ve always wanted to learn more about photography and with the iphone its so easy to span a shot. I’ve beeen going back and forth on weather or not to just use flickr,facebook, or posterous. I’ve decided… Read more »

Why Career Quizzes Don’t Have the Answers for You

You may have spent some time in the past taking online quizzes to help you figure out what is the best career option for you. Many people have so many things that they want to do with their lives that it can be difficult to find the perfect career path…. Read more »