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Embedded post testing

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Just doing a lots of testing recently. Instagram and Facebook are closing their wordpress embed support on Oct 24th but these should still work because of the jetpack plugin.

LinkedIn embedded test

      Comments Off on LinkedIn embedded test Was looking for an easy way to embed LinkedIn post from my phone. Doesn’t look like it’s natively supported in WordPress.

Merry Christmas

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Thanksgiving was late this year so Christmas is coming up fast. Along with celebrating the birth of Christ there is the normal holiday and year end activities that fell extra packed into less time. This year I started a new job so I have less time off over these last… Read more »

Midweek pick me up

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Summer is finally starting to show itself around west Michigan, who’s ready for some summer vacations maybe camping or a family trip? To help pick you up midweek here’s a little video that will get your head bobbing and a smile on your face. Enjoy and have a blessed week.

Gaming in real life

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Realm Pictures, a UK based film studio¬†put together a real life first person zombie shooter. Its funny to watch the players reactions more than the “game” LOL They invited¬†Chatroulette, Omegle and Skype users to control the action using voice commands, the result are awesome. The even create a behind the… Read more »

Mad Max: Fury Road – Official Main Trailer [HD]

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After reading the reviews and checking out the trailer I think I want to see the new Mad Max. it looks like a good old fashion action movie with not much to think about. Have you seen the movie yet? Did you watch the original Mad Max movies again before… Read more »

Thinking of mining some bitcoins check this out first

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Bitcoins are catching on and are being accepted at lots of online stores and services. Mining bitcoins might sound like an easy way to earn some money. But it takes a very powerful computer and lots of time. Take a look at the infografix below   Bitcoin has spawn other… Read more »

Scary facts about guns

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A close up of many different pictures and are doing a great job keeping us in fear of guns and reminding us that no one should have them other than the government. We now know that guns are the number one cause of bullets killing people. Can you believe it? Even a game of hide… Read more »