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WTF, Lions?!?

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After two years the lions get rid of Mike Martz? Yet Matt Millen is still there!!!! ARGGG…..I’m so sick of this BS every year!!! [tags]football, lions[/tags]

Canon Camera CCD Image Sensor Issue

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We bought a Canon S1 IS about 3 years ago. Its been a great camera. Around the beginning of October we noticed the LCD screen what all black and it wouldn’t take any photos. I started searching Google to see if anyone else had this problem and come to find… Read more »

Christmas has started

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This weekend we put up the Christmas tree and hung lights outside. I’m much more into the Christmas spirit this year because of Grace. She already likes looking at all the Christmas lights the neighbors have up. Melissa went out on black Friday before she went to work. I looked… Read more »

Poll Shows Americans Prefer “Merry Christmas” over “Happy Holidays”

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Well duh!!! Its Christmas time, bring out your baby Jesus and Santa Claus and lets party! I will and do correct anyone that wishes me a happy holidays. Take the stick out of your @ss and enjoy Christmas no matter what your religion. Crossposted at Church and State Every year,… Read more »

Facebook and LinkedIn

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I’ve been spending some time on Facebook and LinkedIn lately. Facebook just reminds me of the general get in touch with old friends type web site. I like linkedin because its more business related and I think has greater potential. I also use Plaxo and I like their new social… Read more »

why am I so upset?

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This is the forth soccer session I’ve played in the last year and a half. We lose most of our games. But tonight’s lost just really bugged me. We had plenty of subs, I even scored a goal. But we got our butts kicked tonight. We have a lot of… Read more »

Geeky weekend

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Melissa went to her fathers this weekend and took Grace with her, so I had some friends over to game on the Wii and PS2. We had fun with madden, but even more fun with Wii bowling and Mario Strikers. Strikers is a sweet game. We spend a few hours… Read more »