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Mother Nature must be asleep at the wheel!

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Its October and its in the high 80’s in Michigan!!!! WTF I really don’t mind it, but most of the people around me are b*tching about it. Stone thinks it’s causing more shootings in GR. jb [tags]heat, weather, grand rapids[/tags]

No full post, no love

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I found a quick and easy way to start weeding though my 631 feeds. If they don’t have full post, I unsubscribe. later,jb [tags]rss[/tags]

Fantasy Football

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Well its that time of year again, to start sending the emails about getting a fantasy football league together. I’ve always done the free leagues and had a good time. But the few years not everyone that started in the league followed though the entire season, which kinda kills the fun…. Read more »