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New Years resolution for 2011

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A lot of people I know have stopped making resolutions because they don’t keep them. When I think about that maybe they don’t keep them because they are picking a resolution for the wrong reason. So this year my resolution comes from the Bible and is the reason for everything…. Read more »

Sock Drive

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Thanks to Chris I found out about the Hanes sock drive on Facebook. Its simple to do and for a great cause. Hanes is trading Facebook “likes” for socks for the homeless. They are partnered with the salvation army to do this. So checkout Hanes’ Facebook page “like” them then… Read more »

10 Big Design Mistakes Often Made by New Bloggers

Content drives readers to blogs, but many new bloggers tend to go overboard. They haven’t yet written the Pulitzer class articles, so they will instead try to entice more viewers to their site with videos and music. Rather than enticing them, this tactic scares blog followers away by cheapening the site. Here are ten mistakes which are commonly made by new bloggers.