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Fun parenting videos

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Two years ago for fathers day this video was put out by Church on the Move. It’s called “Dad Life” and its great       This year bluefishtv come out with the parent rap, celebrating how your life changes after kids (all for the better 🙂  

11 Sites Every Mom Should Keep Eyes On

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image: The Internet is literally filled with mom-centric websites. Some are sites with useful information, while others are filled with spam and those too-good-to-be-true offers that affiliate marketers hope you just can’t pass up. If you’re looking for some truly useful sites to fulfill your ultimate mom-ness, check these… Read more »

Parenting the Awkward Tween Stage

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The In Be-tween-ers “Tween” is the modern-day moniker dubbed for kids experiencing the awkward ages between eight and 12. They’re not really children anymore, but they’re certainly not teenagers. At this point, kids are leaving toys behind for social exploration. Emulating the lifestyle of the teens they see is the… Read more »

Flower Girls

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I saw her touching her new bracelet, staring at it, and spinning it around her wrist as my sister and now brother-in-law exchanged vows. It’s a moment that I’ll remember forever: the little things that make us individuals and make us uniquely family.

The Family Bed: Not Necessarily for Sleeping

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I found while I was nursing the first child, the TV in the bedroom was a fantastic thing. While I bonded with baby–nursing and then cajoled her back to sleep in the middle of the night, I could also catch up on Law & Order episodes. And I never had to leave my Egyptian Cotton Sheets. I think we were all happy.As she grew up and the next baby came along, I found that the bed was a great place for other kinds of family bonding