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Start 2012 with a free blog engage account!

What do top bloggers dragonblogger, Ileane, and BlazingMinds all have in common? They use blog engage.   What is Blog Engage If you haven’t heard about blog engage it is a blog community of top bloggers sharing post and support for each other. When you submit your post to the site you get a… Read more »

How Social Media Marketing Can Triple Your Blogging Business Easily

So you want to improve your blogging business easily? With social media marketing, you can take your business to an entire different realm. I’ve seen the immense benefit of using social media marketing as a formidable weapon to trounce the competitive markets. I discovered that you can’t always control Google… Read more »

Best Social Media Tools to Search for Images

Often, images are equally as important when tracking online social media trends as the online content that accompanies them. Images are telltale signs of which topics inspire online audiences. As such, an interesting way to track current and changing social media trends is to search for highly circulated images. By… Read more »

4 ways to Donate to Charity Online

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These days, the act of giving can be a relatively simple thing to do. There are plenty of non-profit organizations out there that make it a simple process to donate your money to their charity. With easy-to-use websites, today’s charitable organizations are streamlining the contribution process and attracting a wider… Read more »

4 ways to use technology for a good cause

Technology is being embraced by everyday users. As technology expands so does its impact on our lives. In many cases technology is used to make life easier, but there are also instances where technology is being used to make a positive social and global impact. These days, there are plenty… Read more »

Top 5 Ways to Build Brand Loyalty

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Any business knows that existing customers are a more lucrative investment than new customers. Not only are existing customers more likely to do business with a company with which they already familiar, but each and every client is a chance for a referral opportunity. This means that every business must… Read more »

Follow Friday

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My list of twitters to follow this week. #FollowFriday @blazingminds – Owner of two poodles. Blogger at Blazing Minds, lover of tech, life & people who make me laugh. Especially those that don’t mean to do it 😉 @williger –  Success driven ex-DELL new media sales strategist and marketer by… Read more »