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What to do when the internet goes down

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In this digital age, we are always connected. But what can we do when the internet goes down? This humous infographic gives us the steps to deal with loss of internet. by GlitchAgency. Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

Apple iPad mini 2 release date and rumors

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I am not a fan of iOS or apple products in general. I like to not be walled into intunes. I prefer android for phones and tablets and run windows 7 for my laptop. But a lot of people are excited for the iPad mini 2 and to see if… Read more »

Making Google Search Social: Google Plus and Google Search Results Integration

Google has a point to prove with Google Plus and with its faltering social network way behind Facebook; Google has fired its next salvo in the epic battle. As part of this aggressive promotion strategy, Google has launched ‘Search plus Your World’. What this does is that from now on… Read more »

4 ways to Donate to Charity Online

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These days, the act of giving can be a relatively simple thing to do. There are plenty of non-profit organizations out there that make it a simple process to donate your money to their charity. With easy-to-use websites, today’s charitable organizations are streamlining the contribution process and attracting a wider… Read more »

4 ways to use technology for a good cause

Technology is being embraced by everyday users. As technology expands so does its impact on our lives. In many cases technology is used to make life easier, but there are also instances where technology is being used to make a positive social and global impact. These days, there are plenty… Read more »