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Podcast listening software question

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I’m looking for software or website that lets me listen to podcasts, but allows me to mark them where I’m at and shutdown the software or close the website. I normally don’t get to listen to an entire podcast in one setting, and windows media player loses my place when… Read more »

Google Coop: 5 Steps to Build Social Search Engine for Your Blog

This looks pretty sweet, it sounds like Lijit but through Google with the ability to add adsense links. **This guest article is written by S. Maheshwaran from My Mind Leaks Google coop is a customized search engine service. This allows you to build a social-search engine for your blog. Google… Read more »

Canon Camera CCD Image Sensor Issue

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We bought a Canon S1 IS about 3 years ago. Its been a great camera. Around the beginning of October we noticed the LCD screen what all black and it wouldn’t take any photos. I started searching Google to see if anyone else had this problem and come to find… Read more »

Clear Virtualization Licensing from Microsoft

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Here’s an update to my previous post about Microsoft licensing on virtual infrastructure. Mark Wilson has posted an outline of the current Microsoft licensing stance when it comes to virtualization. Thankfully it just reaffirms what I’ve thought to be the case all along, but it’s great to get it confirmed… Read more »