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Free on-line alternative to MS Office – Zoho, now in on-line and off-line modes

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I’ve tried Google Apps and I wasn’t overly impressed. To me one of the biggest missing pieces was alerts when the document changed. Maybe one of these other products could fit the bill.  Try this for size? and they are also extending the fuctionality of this to include off-line use as well based… Read more »

Day 1

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We got the mpls connection and switch setup and running with very little issue. Other than not all the routes where setup. But we could at least get back to the root of the forest. We still have to get the riverbed setup, its currently not working at any of… Read more »

Active Directory Explorer v1.0

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  On the Sysinternals page over at Microsoft, there’s a new tool called Active Directory Explorer. You could describe it as ADSIEDIT on steroids. An interesting feature is the ability to save snapshots of Active Directory and compare them. A similar snapshot feature  will also be part of Windows Server 2008…. Read more »

Desktop video conferencing

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Looking for a good webcam that doesn’t require 3rd party drivers. I want plug and play with good quality video. jb [tags]webcam, video conference[/tags]

Microsoft details Windows licensing for 3rd party virtualization platforms

 After reading this article is sounds likes like using the datacenter version of windows is the cheapest method using ESX. As I read it you can license one copy of datacenter and run as many VM’s as you want on that machine, including on ESX…..anyone else read this the same… Read more »