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Clear Virtualization Licensing from Microsoft

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Here’s an update to my previous post about Microsoft licensing on virtual infrastructure. Mark Wilson has posted an outline of the current Microsoft licensing stance when it comes to virtualization. Thankfully it just reaffirms what I’ve thought to be the case all along, but it’s great to get it confirmed… Read more »

ESX: esxtop reporting (xtravirt)

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Xtravirt posted this nice little command to pipe esxtop information to a csv file esxtop -b -d <delay in seconds> [-n <iterations>] > perfstats.csv ESX: esxtop reporting (xtravirt) jb

Network copy failed for file nvram

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  VMotion might fail if the source and target ESX Server hosts cannot resolve each other’s hostname. You might see the following error message: Network copy failed for file [storage]/foo/foo.nvram This happens most often when VitualCenter Server 2.0 is used to VMotion between ESX 2.5.3 Server hosts. Test the following… Read more »

Student Tip: Stopping WinSCP filepart errors

  Last week a student on my course gave me a tip. Personally, I perfer to use Veeam’s FastSCP for ESX Server when transferring files from my Windows Desktop to ESX 3. However, occasionally in the lab environments I work in I have to use WinSCP which is slower. One… Read more »

Using ESXTOP to collect performance statistics

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  RTFM Reader and regular contributor, Michael Knight has contacted me with some experiences and resources concerning gathering performance statistics using esxtop at the Service Console. It’s taken me sometime to blog about this, as I have been so busy with other work – Sorry about that Michael. Anyway, this… Read more »

VMware: Stopping a Virtual Machine gone haywire

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  Sometimes a Virtual Machine can’t be stopped via the VIClient. The job just hangs. There are a number of options to stop your Virtual Machine from within the Service Console. Keep in mind that these are last resort options! Stopping the virtual machine by issuing the command vmware-cmd /vmfs/volumes/<datastorename>/<vmname>/<vmname>.vmx… Read more »

ESX 3i Presentation

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  Want to learn more about the new version of ESX 3, dubbed ESX 3i (Intergrated?). Then download this presentation (PDF format) it has all the information you need: Link: Click to access ESX_Server_3i_presentation.pdf ESX 3i Presentation mikelaverick Tue, 18 Sep 2007 13:14:16 GMT

Microsoft details Windows licensing for 3rd party virtualization platforms

 After reading this article is sounds likes like using the datacenter version of windows is the cheapest method using ESX. As I read it you can license one copy of datacenter and run as many VM’s as you want on that machine, including on ESX…..anyone else read this the same… Read more »