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Turkey and family

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you get to enjoy the day with loved ones and can take the time to give thanks for all that God has done in your life. This we year we are hosting family and will enjoy the 25 lbs turkey Melissa got from the butchers…. Read more »

PhotoScan by Google Photos

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Taking a picture of a photo looks like you took a picture of a photo. Google’s new photoscan allows you to take a picture of the photo and make it looks like a picture. Its great for saving those old family polaroid pictures. I’ve tried for years to make time… Read more »

WordPress Embedded post

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One of the features of wordpress 4.4 was the ability to embed post, videos and music from other sites by just dropping the link into a post. I haven’t had the best luck with it so far. So today I’m going to find some links to test with.   Ten… Read more »

What to do when the internet goes down

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In this digital age, we are always connected. But what can we do when the internet goes down? This humous infographic gives us the steps to deal with loss of internet. by GlitchAgency. Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

Running: Sun, 28 Jul 2013 19:32:49

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Activity: Running Distance: 2.48 mi Duration: 00:30:40 Average Speed: 4.85 mph Average Pace: 12:21 min/mi Activity Link:

6 Ways to Help Your Teen Cope with Social Anxiety

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It is no longer surprising that teenagers are suffering from social anxiety. In fact, 13 percent of American teens and children are showing symptoms of anxiety. Social anxiety is common among teenagers and it is so sad to note that this can impair their cognitive response and alter their behavior… Read more »