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Testing new themes

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Thought its about time to find a new look for the site. Thinking I’d move to a two column setup. But it seems like everytime I try to find a new wordpress theme I have to redone the items in my sidebar because they never seem to work correctly between… Read more »

Rss issues

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Glad the site is back up but the rss feed is hosed now. I’ve been using feedburner without issue. My other site also running the latest wordpree install is working just fine. I’ll keep working on it and post when I find the problem. Later jb

Domain issues

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Sorry about the site issues over the last few days. I missed renewing the domain and had some issues with my regstrator. I got that all fixes today and we’re back online

wordpress post editor

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I decided to try the built in post editor in wordpress again, I normally use Windows Live Writer and love it. I’ve tried in both IE and firefox and I’m seeing the same issue. I’m having issues trying to describe it so my searches in google are turning up nothing…. Read more »

WordPress 2.8 is out

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Image via CrunchBase I’ll make time to upgrade tomorrow night. But here’s a list of the new features from the Codex site. Its a lot of great stuff, I just wonder if any of my plug-ins will break. Only one way to find out. Highlights New drag-and-drop widgets admin interface… Read more »

Testing Intense Debate

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Even with the integration with EntreCard, Sezwho never really seem to add value to this sites comments. I also didn’t see any additional comments or traffic from using sezwho. So I decided to give the Intense Debate plug-in. I installed the plug-in last night and it finished syncing my comments…. Read more »