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WordPress 2.8 is out

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Image via CrunchBase I’ll make time to upgrade tomorrow night. But here’s a list of the new features from the Codex site. Its a lot of great stuff, I just wonder if any of my plug-ins will break. Only one way to find out. Highlights New drag-and-drop widgets admin interface… Read more »

Testing Intense Debate

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Even with the integration with EntreCard, Sezwho never really seem to add value to this sites comments. I also didn’t see any additional comments or traffic from using sezwho. So I decided to give the Intense Debate plug-in. I installed the plug-in last night and it finished syncing my comments…. Read more »

Upgraded to WordPress 2.6

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I just upgraded to wordpress 2.6 using WordPress Automatic Upgrade The process went nice and smooth with no issues. I had to update tantan’s google reports plugin with a file from the support forums, but other than that all plugins worked without an issue. Related articles by Zemanta Upgrade WordPress… Read more »

Spam Karma is no longer…

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I’m surprised that I didn’t see more about this around the blogo-sphere. The owner of the Spam Karma plug-in is giving up the code and making it GPL. So anyone can pick it up and start supporting it again. One of the things I love about spam karma that I… Read more »

WordPress Plugin – Socialize Me

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WOW, this is an incredible plugin, when someone visits your site from a social network link, it will welcome them and then link to your profile on that social network! I plan on adding this to both sites this weekend. edited: Someone doesn’t seem to want people to link… Read more »