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Upgraded to WordPress 2.6

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I just upgraded to wordpress 2.6 using WordPress Automatic Upgrade The process went nice and smooth with no issues. I had to update tantan’s google reports plugin with a file from the support forums, but other than that all plugins worked without an issue. Related articles by Zemanta Upgrade WordPress… Read more »

Spam Karma is no longer…

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I’m surprised that I didn’t see more about this around the blogo-sphere. The owner of the Spam Karma plug-in is giving up the code and making it GPL. So anyone can pick it up and start supporting it again. One of the things I love about spam karma that I… Read more »

WordPress Plugin – Socialize Me

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WOW, this is an incredible plugin, when someone visits your site from a social network link, it will welcome them and then link to your profile on that social network! I plan on adding this to both sites this weekend. edited: Someone doesn’t seem to want people to link… Read more »

Moving post between wordpress sites

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I have two existing wordpress sites. I would like to move some categories and post from one site to the other. I know there is the export feature, but that grabs all information and it sounds like it is to import into a new wordpress site not an existing. Any… Read more »

Adding Extra Sidebar to your WordPress Theme

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Here’s a sweet little exercise on adding a sidebar to a wordpress theme. You like a WordPress theme on the Internet but Oh!… What’s this?? The theme has only one sidebar! You need more than one and are on the verge of switching to some other theme with more sidebars…. Read more »