Whats New?

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Hey everyone, I hope you enjoyed your 3 day weekend! I just wanted to leave a quick note letting you know about a few extra’s I’ve added to Savage. For one we’ve upgraded to Nuke V5.2, also I have added a block with stock quotes, and a buddy list. You… Read more »


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Added quote block Added Stock Block Added Top 10 Links Block Car Insurance Savagenomads

August 29 2001

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Upgraded to PHPNuke 5.2 Calendar is working Need to get quotes working Need to get Title to change with path change

August 27 2001

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Edited K_urpt Theme: commented out banner code Added banner code to main index.php

August 22 2001

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Updated My_Egallary to version 2.6.6 Removed waiting aproval for egallary from “waiting content” admin box. ( Code was bad for this version, Need to find new code )

WWF Summerslam 2001

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– Live from San Jose, CA – Your hosts are JR & Paul E. – Opening match, Intercontinental title: Lance Storm v. Edge. Once again, Lance’s opening promo is interrupted by offbeat shenanigans. You know, if years of reading Mad Magazine have taught me anything, it’s that offbeat shenanigans are… Read more »

August 18 2001

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Modified: Title now reflects your current activity Added: More web links Added: Path Tracking Modified: Headlines, moved topics around ( Still need to enable for users )

Software replaces banner ads on popular sites

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Already contending with a weak advertising market, Web publishers have another beast to worry about: Gator. The software company, known for hawking pop-up ads that let companies advertise on rival sites, is working a new variation on the theme–selling ads designed to block banners on sites such as Yahoo with… Read more »

This Just Sucks!!!

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I will give you a topic…. 1 hour and 30 minutes international tech support call to a computer illiterate German!!! Talk amongst yourselves