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RE: Exchange integration with Active Directory

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After my session at the TechNet roadshow yesterday, I? promised I’d make available all the links to the documents I’d been talking about during my presentation to save everyone scribbling down URLs’s like crazy (URL’s are getting so complex now – thank goodness for search engines!) Preparing to Administer Exchange… Read more »

PETA interfering again.

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PETA is one of the biggest jokes in the world today. They have no clue about anything, they don’t care about any humans other than their members. Protest fine that is your right, but when your protest start interfering with events and people’s property that goes beyond protest. PETA is… Read more »

Exchange Quota Message Service 1.1.0

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Generates custom quota messages for users on Exchange server without editing DLLs. The service uses template messages as a basis for the quota messages. Templates can contain inserts that have the mailbox size, warning limit, send limit, and send rec… [Via MSFN – Where People Go To Know]

November 24

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Added Headlines Changed to hacked topics module Added center block to show new and popular links

Trace Your Family’s Roots

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Discover the connection between computers and genealogy, By Frederick S. Sherman April 1, 2002 From TechTV.Com People who are interested in genealogy happily spend their time trying to identify their ancestors and learn about the places and conditions in which those ancestors lived. As you’ll discover on today’s show, computers… Read more »

Terror Timeline

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8:42 a.m. ET First plane slams into the north tower of the World Trade Center 9:00 a.m.ET Approximately 18 minutes later, a second plane slams into the south tower of the World Trade Center. The planes are later identified as American Airlines Flight 11, a Boeing 767 with 81 passengers,… Read more »