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RE: Hotfix for E2k3 on W2k3 SP1 cluster

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Gerod points out in?this blog post?that if you install Windows 2003 SP1 onto your Exchange 2003 cluster nodes, you’ll need to install the hotfix in KB.841561. If you don’t apply this hotfix, users will not be able to access OWA (they will receive 500 – internal server error), although Administrator… Read more »

RE: Blogcast: Modify Installations of Office 2003 with the Custom Maintenance Wizard

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No matter what you plan for, you will always want to modify your deployment of Office after it’s out in the field. The problem is that Office isn’t a small application and most admins push the install to workstations over a period of time. If you think you can modify… Read more »

Network Performance In VMware Whitepaper

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A nice VMware ESX whitepaper on network performance : "This white paper outlines the considerations that affect network throughput. The paper examines the applications deployed on top of a virtual infrastructure and discusses the factors that affect the network throughput of virtualized applications. Illustrating key points with results obtained with… Read more »

pnFlashGames 1.5 Released!

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Should I add this module to the site? After many enhancements the 1.5 release incorporates a wide range of new features and fixes. This is actually two releases in one, the unofficial 1.1 release and the 1.5 release. Most of the 1.5 enhancements are administrative in nature, with easier control… Read more »

April 5 2002

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I updated the calendar to version 2.55 For the admins I added waiting content for postcalendar and MyEGallery I will start testing PN .713 as soon as MeG 3 is released.


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eCards-3.7.1PN Release! eCards for Post Nuke, has been released! eCards is a Virtual Greeting Card System, written in PHP and using MySQL. This script is written as a module for Post Nuke. Do Not Try it On PHP-Nuke! 1. Post-Nuke compliant 2. all the bells and whistles from before. 3…. Read more »


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I hacked the MyWeather mod so it will now work in postnuke .64! The admin isn’t standard, and adding locations needs to be revamped, but atleast its working :-)_

August 22 2001

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Updated My_Egallary to version 2.6.6 Removed waiting aproval for egallary from “waiting content” admin box. ( Code was bad for this version, Need to find new code )