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Wednesday reading

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Its been a bit since I shared some links with you all, so how about I change it up and post some in the middle of the week 🙂 RARflix – a modified Plex/ROKU channel tags:plex roku bn List of rimfire cartridges – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia tags:guns bn Android… Read more »

mediabrowser is it an alternative to plex?

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I’ve been running plex at home for a few years now. Its great software and works very well. They have continued to add features and improve the product. But with all that time and effect they are now charging for the latest features. Its a great product and the developments… Read more »

Android apps to improve your contacts

Here are some android apps to improve your contacts with additional information. Twitter and facebook apps already link to your existing contacts. But these applications can take it to the next level.   EboBirthday Maintain birthdays and anniversaries! * Can be auto-synced with the contacts’ notes and grab birthday data… Read more »