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Moving to SSL

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My new web host offers free SSL through comodo and autossl. I enabled this feature today and forced traffic to the https version of the site. I’m running through the site testing things and so far so good. Please let me know if you see any issues. Thanks!

5 Skills that You Need to Have as a Blogger

If you want to become an efficient blogger, you have to learn how to master few skills to enhance your blogging experience. By learning few important skills, you will be able to make your blog more engaging for your readers. Besides, those skills will greatly affect your blogging income. Here… Read more »

Why I Hate Blogs and Blogging – A Professional’s Insight into the Dark Side of Blogging

I have a confession to make. I hate blogging. Though I am an online professional who makes a living out of managing and generating content for clients worldwide; I still hate blogging – at least what it has turned in to. I feel bad when I see people launching up… Read more »

Is WordPress a Suitable Content Management Systems Tool

The internal functions of WordPress provide outstanding support for a Content Management System (CMS). The features of WordPress enable authors and site managers to perform their magic without having any expertise in PHP, HTML, or any other website programming language. Content Management System Defined The typical content management system consists… Read more »

Bookmarks for December 21st through February 22nd

These are my links for December 21st through February 22nd: Do Follow Blogs – Do Follow Blog Lists<br /> Collection of do follow blogs that are useful for webmasters. Guide: How to Backup Your WordPress Blog to the Cloud | arkarthick.com – As a blogger, you know the hard work… Read more »

Bookmarks for October 26th through December 9th

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These are my links for October 26th through December 9th: 9 WordPress Plugins for Routine Maintenance Checks – The following wordpress plugins scan your system for security vulnerabilities, redundant database entries, post revisions and memory usage (some of them can be used for system scans and cleaning once a month,… Read more »

Bookmarks for July 18th through August 23rd

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These are my links for July 18th through August 23rd: Download mp3 music, buy mp3 music online | MP3 Obsession – Welcome to MP3 Obsession.com, the price comparison site for cheap mp3 downloads. We've worked hard to compare hundreds of music download sites on the web to bring you the… Read more »

7 Free Online Image Editors

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Everyone knows about Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and other well known commercial image editors, but did you know that you can get fantastic image editing results for free without installing any software (besides Flash) on your computer? Although online solutions may not have as many features as commercial products, they likely have more features than the average digital camera user will ever need. Here you will find 7 free online image editors that will help you edit your photos and other images without spending money and without cluttering your computer.